About Us


GET Thriving Core Beliefs


You deserve kindness.

Especially from yourself! Honor your strengths and resilience. Now it's time to become radically self-loving so you can quiet that inner bully.


Only you can rescue you.

Stop fighting for your limitations and why you can't have the life and love you want. Thriving starts when you decide to change.


Start small. Dream big.

We are in control of our thoughts, actions, and destiny. Small daily actions can profoundly change the trajectory of our lives.


Our goal with GET Thriving is to find our fellow cycle breakers, so we can experience more love, fun, fulfillment and adventure in this journey of life. We want to get to know YOU. Who are you? Where are you on your journey? Why do you want your life to improve?

We want to create a revolution by uniting courageous change makers and cycle breakers who want to create a better life for ourselves, our communities, and the world around us. We can do this by living intentionally, bringing love and consciousness to all we do. 

We can't change our pasts. We can't always change present conditions. But at every moment, we have an opportunity to create a new future. Letting our old stories die takes courage. And community. Come explore bold vulnerability and radical acceptance with us. We are here to hold a space of safety and love for all who enter here. 


Coach Glenn Evans

Four years in an abusive foster care home. The 4-engine failure of a 747. Narrowly escaping a mass murder. Growing up in a remote Alaskan village where survival is a constant struggle. These are just a few of the stories Glenn shares with audiences and clients when talking about resilience and mastering your mindset. 

Determined to create a better life for himself, Glenn Evans is proof of what's possible. Glenn began his career in the trades (HVAC) and moved up to leadership roles in sales, business, and community positions. In preparation for launching GET Thriving, Glenn became certified as a Positive Intelligence Coach. 

Glenn's down-to-earth and heart-felt approach to  coaching and speaking resonates with anyone who feels trapped by their past or current situation. He has a passion for teaching others how to thrive through turbulence to create a vibrant, fulfilling life. 


Coach Adrianne Machina

Adrianne has spent more than two decades as a  marketing consultant, coach, copywriter, and professional speaker. She has helped 1000s of people find their authentic voice and harness their personal power for business success. 

When Adrianne met Glenn, she realized that her personal and professional path had prepared her for telling Glenn’s story, and also the larger story of how people can transform their lives. Whether coaching or speaking to groups large and small, Adrianne’s goal is always the same: to provide practical, actionable advice that provides immediate benefit. 

Throughout her career, Adrianne has worked with a variety of clients across multiple industries, from small startups to large multinational corporations. Her background working in male-dominated industries and in remote locations like Peru and Kuwait give her a unique perspective on resilience and perseverance. 

About GET Thriving 

Glenn Evans came up with idea for GET Thriving, and through a series of improbable events, teamed up with Adrianne Machina to bring this community to life. We became our own first clients, assembling the tools that made a difference in our lives. Tired of traditional recovery groups, and not finding a community that fit our needs, we decided to build one.  Our company is woman and minority (native Alaskan) owned.

Welcome fellow Thrivers! We're glad to have you here.