"Most men die at 27;
We just bury them at 72."

- Mark Twain

Men are dying.

Our toughness
is killing us.


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"Most men die at 27;
we just bury them at 72." 

- Mark Twain

Stop just surviving. 
GET Thriving!


Book a FREE 30-minute Clarity Call

GUYS, are you ready for a hard truth?


Your past will run you -
until you decide to be a cycle breaker. 

...and the world DESPERATELY NEEDS more cycle breakers!

What's keeping YOU stuck?

You tell yourself you're doing OK.

Of course, you can always point to someone who is "way worse off" than you - or tell yourself how much better you're doing now than you were before. But if you're unhappy or unfulfilled, you deserve better. Don't settle for OK. 

You already know what you need to do.

But you're not DOING the work... Your excuses may be valid - but they're also keep you stuck. Our program has been tested by 500,000 participants. Group accountability increases your odds of success by 500%. 

You're trying everything BUT mental fitness.

You think you things will get better once you... lose 20 lbs, stop drinking, get that promotion, find that relationship, etc. In reality, once you feel better about yourself and can stop the rumination and distraction, your goals become more attainable.

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Radical Resilience

We coined the term "Radical Resilience" as a way to differentiate what it takes to break free from chronic stress caused by difficult conditions. 

Resilience is the ability to push through a difficult situation -  like enduring cold weather. RADICAL RESILIENCE is the ability to have the resources and fortitude for the long-term, like learning to live in cold weather - and maybe even LOVE IT.  RADICAL RESILIENCE can also mean being strong enough to break unhealthy patterns and to leave situations that no longer serve you.

GET Thriving teaches you how to build RADICAL RESILIENCE for yourself, your team, or your organization so you can accomplish your goals without burning out.  

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